Palabras en inglés… ¡que no son inglés!

Dejas el coche en el parking y de vez en cuando haces zapping? Debes saber que esas palabras realmente no existen y que un nativo no nos entendería o le resultaría dificil. Que heavy verdad?

Parking: en inglés lo llaman parking lot o car park.

Zapping: no nos entenderán. Channel surfing o channel hopping.

Heavy: en inglés significa pesado pero nosotros lo usamos para todo, para lo que nos parece bien y mal.

Pen drive: Alli no te entenderían, tendrías que decir memory stick

Alto standing: mejor luxurious o high class.

Autostop: es hitchhiking.

Puenting: es bungee jumping.

Table game to practice english


Hace tiempo, mi profesora de inglés de la UNED, sacó un documento word con una serie de preguntas para que entre los alumnos pudieramos preguntarnos cosas sobre nosotros mimos y practicar nuestro “spoken english”. Yo decidí añadir preguntas, y darle un poco de color.  Úsalo sin miedo!  Solo recuerda dejarme un comentario, solo para que me haga ilusión 😀

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Endangered animals

Endangered animals should be kept in zoos. Do you agree?

Polar bears are, for sure, one of the biggest victims affected by global warming. Their natural environment has been seriously threatened because of the melting of the polar ice caps, resulting in the isolation of this variety of bears.

“Their natural environment has been being seriously threatened because of the melting of the polar ice caps. “

Some of these bears have been looked after by sanctuaries or zoos and I have to admit that in this way, they have been gotten care, and an adequate food in order to make sure they will survive, at least until they can return back into a safe natural environment.

On the other hand, this kind of places are usually handled by volunteers (vets and qualified staff) as far as I know, and they usually work for free, and government aids to these centres are quite limited, so, this could turn out to be a big problem, despite their good intentions.

To sum up, it is fair to say –to my mind– that there should be more economic supports for shelters, sanctuaries and zoos in order to be able to get all the different tools that they need to help to endangered animals.

Note: This text has been written by me just as a B2 writing exercise. Enjoy it!


Threatened: Verb. Amenazado (past)

Melting of the polar ice caps:  Derretimiento de las capas polares

Isolation: Aislamiento

Volunteers: Voluntarios

Vets: Veterinarios

Shelters: Refugios

The Trevi Fountain. Have you been to Rome?

Should The Trevi Fountain be considered as one of the seven wonders of the modern world?

You can barely imagine how wonderful this country is, you can even feel in the air centuries and centuries of art & culture.

The Trevi fountain is considered the most beautiful fountain in the world, in fact, is the biggest and most visited of Rome.

It is breathtaking visiting the fountain by nights, because of hundred of led light are shining in the water and making an unforgettable experience for your senses.

Another great thing about this fountain is People are used to throwing coins with the right hand over the left shoulder, as far as I know, the legend tells you will make sure your return to Rome and actually, you are helping to charity causes.

It is estimated almost 3,000 euros are thrown into the water each day and last year (2016) 1,5 million of euros were collected.

The money has been used to finance a supermarket for Rome’s needy.

Here, culture is everywhere, that’s why I can highly recommend visiting Rome.

To sum up, it was the best city I have ever visited.

Note: This text has been written by me just as a B2 writing exercise. Enjoy it!


Breathtaking:  adj. asombroso, punzante

Needy: adj. Necesitado.